Message from Pastor Katie re: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I wanted to reach out to share what steps we are taking at Tab at this point in light of the COVID-19 virus. 

We will not be cancelling our worship services as of yet. We will still plan to worship this coming Sunday, March 15th. We will keep you informed of course if this should change. During our worship we will be practicing social distancing and will refrain from touching one another, ie. shaking hands and hugging during Passing the Peace and the closing time of Prayer. For the offering time, we will invite folks to come forward for the offering instead of passing the plates (as well as encourage online giving). At this point in time we will also be refraining from sharing in the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. 

Our sexton, Pat O’Brien, will be doing additional cleaning on Saturday evenings until further notice, including disinfecting surface areas (all tables, door knobs, railings, sides of the pews, etc). 

We will have hand sanitizer available in the sanctuary and community room, but above all encourage all of us to wash our hands regularly for 20 seconds (enough to say the Lord’s Prayer, without speeding through!)

Several folks have already told me they will not be coming to worship due to the virus and please know that I fully support that decision. And in fact I want to encourage those of you especially in high risk populations, over the age of 70, and those of you who have compromised immune systems tostay at home.  

Our plan starting this coming Sunday is to use either Facebook Live or our Youtube channel to stream live the worship service so that you can connect in that way. 

We will keep you updated with other cancellations of meetings or worship services or in any change of plans through tabnews as well as through our website and facebook page.

Let me finally just say that I know we are all feeling anxiety and fear intensely in these days. Even though it is difficult, it is not impossible to function less out of fear and more out of faith, as we are people of faith. I want us to be careful and practice precaution as much as we can, and I also want to encourage us to work against isolating ourselves and instead find ways to care for each other, especially those at Tab and in the wider community who are most vulnerable. Even phone calls and/or other virtual check-ins can be meaningful ways to connect. We need each other in this time. And we are going to get through this together. 

You are all in my prayers daily. 

peace and love,

-Pastor Katie 

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  1. We send you greetings from Shelter Cove, CA. It is our great fortune to have this quiet place for retreat, reflection, and reverence in these days of turmoil. The dictum here is to remain within Humboldt (humble) County to help to contain this novel coronavirus which has only turned up in the cultures of two persons in the last month. Outside our window we look out into the mighty Pacific Ocean with the possibility of whales arising from the deep. Many birds are congregation on the large rock to our right.
    You all in the TAB community are in our present existence here as we are all in solidarity. May we gather courage and peace from the hills and powerful waters.

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