Tabernacle United Church is located on the southwest corner of 37th and Chestnut Streets in the “University City” area of Philadelphia. The entrance is on the 37th Street side (next door to the University of Pennsylvania’s Christian Association and behind the Iron Gate Theater). Call (215) 386-4100 if you get lost, but be aware that we are a small congregation so that even on Sunday mornings there may not always be someone in the Office to answer your calls.

From the University of Pennsylvania Campus

We are directly across 37th Street from the Sansom West building. We are also just across Chestnut Street from International House, or one block West of the Sheraton, or three blocks North on 37th from the Quad, or two blocks West and one-and-a-half blocks North from the Starbucks on 34th & Walnut.

From the Drexel Campus

Walk west on Chestnut Street to 37th Street.

From Center City

If driving or biking, go straight out Walnut to 37th, turn right on 37th (just after you pass the Inn at Penn.)


Take SEPTA’s green lines from 13th, 15th, 19th or 22nd and Market to the 36th and Sansom stop, then walk one block West on Sansom. The route 10 actually stops on 36th between Chestnut and Market. If you take the 10 get off at 36th, walk back to Chestnut, turn right, and then walk one block West to 37th.


Take SEPTA’s blue line from 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th, 13th, or 15th and Market to 34th and Market, then walk one block South to Chestnut and three blocks West to 37th.


Take the route 21 bus from anywhere on Walnut to 37th and Walnut and walk one block North.

From the Art Museum Area

Walking biking, driving or by SEPTA: Go into Center City on 21st and follow the Center City instructions, or cross the Spring Garden bridge, turn left on 33rd, right on Powelton to 38th, left on 38th to Chestnut, left on Chestnut to 37th, right on 37th. (if walking, go left on 36th instead of 38th, then right on Chestnut).

From West Philadelphia

Bike or drive East on Chestnut to 37th, turn right on 37th.


Take SEPTA’s blue line along Market to 40th Street, walk East on Market to the 37th St. walkway, turn right, walk one block South to Chestnut.


Take one of SEPTA’s green lines (10, 11, 13, 34, or 36) to 36th Street, then walk one block West on Sansom. If you take the 10 get off at 36th and Market, walk South to Chestnut, turn right, and then walk one block West to 37th.


Take the 42 on Spruce St. to 38th. Walk one block East to 37th, turn left, and three blocks North.


Take the 21 on Chestnut right to 37th and Chestnut.

From Out of Town

If you are on I-95 or coming across the Ben Franklin Bridge from New Jersey you want to go West to I-676 to I-76 and then get off immediately at the I-76 30th Street Exit.

If you are driving East on I-76 get off at the 30th Street Exit.

If you are coming in by train, get off at 30th Street Station.

If you are coming in by plane, take the train to 30th Street Station.

In any case you are now at 30th and Market, which is eight blocks from the church.

From 30th and Market:

If you are walking, walk one block South to Chestnut, then seven blocks West to 37th.

If the street numbers are getting higher, you are walking West. Just keep going until you reach 37th. If, however, the numbered streets are going down (30, 29, 28, …), then TURN AROUND because you’re headed East!

If you are driving, turn right on Market and drive West to 38th Street, turn left on 38th, then left on Chestnut, and right on 37th Street.

Free Sunday Parking

Metered parking on Market, Ludlow, and Walnut is free on Sunday. In addition, if you put this flyer on your dashboard, you may park on Chestnut St., Sansom St., and 37th St. until 1 pm on Sundays without feeding the meter. However, the Philadelphia Parking Authority sometimes wrongly tickets cars with the flyer before 1 pm. Therefore, it is safer to park on Market, Walnu, or Ludlow or, if possible, to walk, bicycle, or take SEPTA. To dispute a ticket received during a service call Corinne O’Connor, PPA Director of Enforcement, at 215-683-9431, or the PPA’s public advocate, Frank DeAngelis, at 215-683-9614.