Regardless of whether or not you decide to become a member: You are welcome to be a part of the Tabernacle community. We have many in our community who are dear friends and active participants who have not made the commitment of membership. With that in mind, we invite you to consider membership at Tab when you are ready to make a deeper commitment to our faith community.

Becoming a member at a church is like saying: “I can’t walk this faith journey alone. I can’t be a Christian on my own. I need other people to help me and be accountable to me. And I want to help others and be accountable to others too.” Membership in a church is about taking part in something larger than yourself and your own private journey.

Membership in the church is not like joining a gym or a country club (Thank heavens)! It’s not like you pay your dues and then get a benefit package. It’s different.

When you join a church you are making a promise. And we in turn are also making a promise to you. We call these promises, making covenant with each other. We covenant to support you on your faith journey and you covenant to support us in our faith journeys. When you join a church you are making it known that you want this particular community of faith to be your spiritual home. It’s like saying: “I’m in.” Making covenant is important because it helps us to be accountable to one another. We believe that the promises we make to one another matter.

Becoming a member doesn’t mean that you can never leave, or change your membership! It also doesn’t mean that this church is better than all others. But you are saying that while you are here, you will be a committed and active part of the congregation.

If you are ready to take the important step of becoming a member, the pastor would like to speak with you! If you are just curious about membership and want to learn more, you can attend our periodic “Exploring Membership Class” to help you decide if you are ready.